Panic in "thread taskq" on RELENG_6

Markus Oestreicher m.oe at
Tue Nov 28 16:01:35 PST 2006

Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> Does that look like a hardware problem or a software issue?
>> I will try to swap RAM in the next few days.
> You are the third person to report this panic. (I am one of the other
> two.
> I am guessing from the name of your kernel that this is an SMP
> system. So are the other two.
> Are you running gnome-2.16 with hald? This is about all we found
> in common on the first two systems.

The system is a 2-CPU SMP system with HT enabled.

The server is running postfix, amavisd-new, clamav and mysql.
There is no GUI running or installed.

> Robert Watson would like some added data. Can you build a kernel with
> the following options and connect something to the serial port to record
> output?
> options WITNESS 
> options DDB 
> options KDB 
> options INVARIANTS

There is no serial console on site, only a remote KVM console.
So I have to copy the messages manually from screen.
I am now running a kernel with this options compiled in.

One thing I noticed that may be relevant or not:

The system is running with ACPI disabled using loader.conf.
If I enable ACPI the device acpi0 fires ~10000 interrupts/s
and there are three system processes acpi_task[0-2] that will
consume ~25% when the system is idle. With ACPI disabled it
does not show that behavoir.


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