freebsd-update to track release engineering

Petr Holub hopet at
Tue Nov 28 02:53:59 PST 2006

Hi Colin,

> To avoid repeating myself too many times, I'm just going to point
> to my latest blog entry:
> pgrade.html

I've tested it (ok, one day later than I assumed) and resulted in
a kernel panic after reboot when attempting to start mountd. Basically
it looks like the new kernel hasn't been installed (/boot/kernel/kernel
is dated Aug 30). May it be because I'm tracking 6.1-SECURITY using
freebsd-update and the binary diff fails then?

Maybe just an idea for improvement: it would be helpful if you can
put the update candidates for changed config files (/etc) into /etc/upgrade
in a way binary update from sysinstall does that. I understand why
you want to avoid doing mergemaster from your script, but it would
be fine to have the files at least ready so that user can diff them
and decide what to do.


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