gmirror and quota corruption

Jason Vance jason at
Mon Nov 27 01:42:03 PST 2006

I have a FreeBSD 5.5-STABLE box that is setup with a gmirror RAID 1 using
two identical harddrives.

I installed quotas on the filesystem by enabling it 'options QUOTA' and
rebuilding the kernel. I added userquota to the /etc/fstab for the /usr
partition and I added 'enable_quotas=YES' and 'check_quotas=NO' to the
/etc/rc.conf file thinking i can get it to build the quota table on the fly
instead of it doing that at boot time.

The system boots up but as soon as I do any disk access ie 'repquota -a' or
write a file to the harddrive, the system hangs. I can still connect to the
various services via telnet to their port, but none of them respond.

Now that I've disabled quotas I am able to use the system however fsck has
reported many various file corruptions and destroyed some of my important
system files.

Is there a known conflict between gmirror and a quota enabled filesystem?
How can I properly set these up?

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