sshfs/nfs cause server locku

s.c.sprong at s.c.sprong at
Fri Nov 24 03:49:23 PST 2006

In article <20061123192532.GA81937 at> you wrote:
>s.c.sprong at wrote:
>> My poking uncovered a set of crashing bugs and potentially a livelock.
>> I would agree that NFS is very fragile in RELENG_6.
>> So far <fingers crossed> I've not run into an NFS server deadlock you
>> described.
>Are you sure these are NFS problems and not ethernet driver problems?

No, but since the other networking protocols do work, I suspect NFS over
TCP. I stopped poking when I found a satisfactionary work-around, but if
you can point me to some simple tests, I'll happily try them.


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