application hangs in STABLE from time to time

Ganbold ganbold at
Thu Nov 23 18:02:28 PST 2006


I have strange problem. I'm running radius server which in turn serves 
user requests by
running application. The application connects to another host (mysql 
server) and gets data and
do some calculations and return results.
Application runs fine, but from time to time it hangs and I can see it 
using ps -ax command.
So when application hangs radius can not serve user requests any more 
waiting the application
to finish.

Before updating from FreeBSD-5.2-STABLE to RELENG_6 it was working fine 
and I didn't observe
such problem for 2 years. Since upgrading to RELENG_6 a couple of months 
ago this problem appeared.

While application was hanging, I can log into the system. I can log into 
another mysql host which is
the exactly same machine with more RAM. I checked mysql server's 
processlist by running
'mysql show processlist' and there wasn't any process running and 
locking the tables.

I'm using mysql client/server-4.0.27 from ports.

So do I have interrupt storms here and it is something related to bge?
What else should I check when application hangs again?

Here is dmesg, vmstat, ps outputs:



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