deadlock in "zoneli" state on 6.2-PRERELEASE

delphij at delphij at
Thu Nov 23 04:28:51 PST 2006


On Wed, 22 Nov 2006 21:55:49 +0200, Nikolay Pavlov <quetzal at> wrote:
> Hi.
> It seems i have a deadlock on 6.2-PRERELEASE.
> This is squid server in accelerator mode.
> I can easily trigger it with a high rate of requests.
> Squid is locked on some "zoneli" state, i am not sure what it is.
> Also i can't KILL proccess even with SIGKILL.
> In addition one of sshd proccess is locked too.

Would you please update to the latest RELENG_6 and apply this patch:

to see if things gets improved?

Thanks in advance!


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