kernel compile fails with error 1

Oliver Fromme olli at
Wed Nov 22 04:29:18 PST 2006

Bruce A. Mah wrote:
 > Ron Wingfield wrote:
 > > (Mr. Schweers, this is not directed to you.)
 > > 
 > > I'm not offering any comment or suggestion regarding Mr. Schweers problem . 
 > > . .but from his previously posted make-output regarding the following, is 
 > > the "Stop in" message literally as copied by Mr. Schweers?  If so, then have 
 > > the developers sunk to the level that such coded error message reporting 
 > > resorts to such offensive language?
 > The "offensive language" is, apparently, the name that the original
 > poster chose to call his kernel configuration.  The build system is just
 > reporting the directory name it was given.

For what it's worth, "BRAINFUCK" is the name of a programming
language, well-known for it's extreme minimalism.  While it
is not very useful for real-world applications, it was (is?)
somewhat popular among CS students because of the challenging
nature of implementing seemingly trivial tasks with it.

Other such languages include INTERCAL (the only language that
has a "comefrom" instruction instead of "goto") and BEFUNGE,
a language that uses a two-dimensional command structure.

I think there's nothing wrong with using names of programming
languagess for host names and/or kernel names.

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