problem with mod_proxy_ajp after upgrade from 6.2_beta2 to 6.2_rc1

Niek niek at
Wed Nov 22 02:20:15 PST 2006

Sorry if this is posted to the wrong list - it is about a change from 
6.2_beta2 to 6.2_rc1.

Yesterday I upgraded a test server from FreeBSD 6.2_beta2 amd64 to
6.2_rc1 amd64. I am using apache 2.2.3 with mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp to connect to
Tomcat 5.5.20.

The ajp proxy worked well on 6.2 beta2, but after the upgrade to 6.2 RC1, connections
via the ajp proxy are extremely slow. It seems as if something is timing
out, as it takes several minutes until apache returns data. Connecting
directly to Tomcat Coyote ports works well. There is nothing in the
httpd error logs or the tomcat logs, nor in the system message log
indicating what is going wrong.

When using mod_jk, all works fine.

Below is an excerpt of my httpd.conf:

LoadModule proxy_module libexec/apache22/
LoadModule proxy_ajp_module libexec/apache22/

<IfModule proxy_module>
   ProxyRequests Off

   <Proxy *>
   Order Deny,Allow
   Deny from all
   Allow from [my ip]
   <IfModule proxy_ajp_module>
        <Location /[mylocation]/>
        ProxyPass ajp://localhost:8009/

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