bug on BTX

Spartak Radchenko spartak at aif.ru
Tue Nov 21 12:56:21 PST 2006

Remy Nonnenmacher wrote:
> Same problem on Primergy (Fujitsu-Siemens) RX200-S3 server. BTX halts 
> while reading from an LSI1068 disk via BIOS. Does this means that 
> nearly all LSI106x based machines will soon be unbootable as BIOSes 
> got updated ?. (As a short list: Sun X[24][16]00 servers, Intel SR25XX 
> with SAS, Some IBM xSeries, etc...).

There is a workaround for Intel SR25XX with SAS backplane. It can be
configured in BIOS to use the Intel Embedded Server RAID II technology.
FreeBSD doesn't support it and still detects physical disks attached to
mpt(4), but with this option turned on FreeBSD could be successfully
booted. Probably turning it on installs the different int13 handler. I
turned it on and configured JBOD. It has certain drawbacks, however. You
should be careful and never use the last sector on the hard drive as
it's used for metadata by the Intel Emdedded RAID. You can't use gmirror
on the physical disks, for example.

Spartak Radchenko SVR1-RIPE

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