kernel compile fails with error 1

Clayton Milos clay at
Tue Nov 21 12:07:11 PST 2006

> Hello All,
> (Mr. Schweers, this is not directed to you.)
> I'm not offering any comment or suggestion regarding Mr. Schweers problem 
> . . .but from his previously posted make-output regarding the following, 
> is the "Stop in" message literally as copied by Mr. Schweers?  If so, then 
> have the developers sunk to the level that such coded error message 
> reporting resorts to such offensive language?  I don't want to start a 
> "flammer" here (I went to college in the sixties) but I've worked as a 
> professional programmer/analyst/software engineer for thirty years.  I 
> would never code such language into an error/diagnostic message 
> (regardless of how much I'd like to).  Such language is sophmoric, and 
> denigrates the reputation of FreeBSD as a professionally acceptable 
> product . . .or is it possible that the source code has been hacked or 
> corrupted and is reporting with language as would be expected from such 
> irresponsible behavior?
>> mkdep: compile failed
>> *** Error code 1
>> Stop in /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/BRAINF*#!.                . . .yes, the "F" 
>> word.
>> *** Error code 1

If you knew that that is what Mr. Schweers called his kernel config file and 
had nothing to do with the coding of the FreeBSD developers would you 
apologise to them ? If so you should start now.

Mr. Schweers had the decency to censor his kernel name out for the mailing 
list which was the right thing to do as far as I am concerned. He may also 
call his kernel config file whatever he likes. Reminds me of the old one... 
What's red and hangs in a tree ? My stove. Why ? Because it's MY stove and I 
can do what I like with it !!

Maybe you should check your facts before you open your mouth and embarass 


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