Problem with mouse detection on FreeBSD 6.2 RC1

Murilo Opsfelder Araújo mopsfelder at
Tue Nov 21 11:35:16 PST 2006

Hi people,

had anyone problems with mouse detection on FreeBSD 6.1 RC1?

I've bough a new optical mouse and try to use it on FreeBSD, but didn't work.

By the `moused -i all -p /dev/psm0 -t auto` I get these information
about my new optical mouse:
/dev/psm0 ps/2 sysmouse IntelliMouse Explorer

With the old optical mouse plugged I get these information:
/dev/psm0 ps/2 sysmouse IntelliMouse

Note that the 'Explorer' is not present in the old mouse and works perfectly.

Has anyone idea about that?


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