g.* device stop while rebuilding

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at rinet.ru
Mon Nov 20 05:47:49 PST 2006

Dear Pawel,

is it too difficult to forcibly stop rebuilding of a composite geom instance? 
It is often needed (or at least desirable), but all attemtpt fail:

# graid3 status r0h
     Name    Status  Components
raid3/r0h  DEGRADED  ad0h
                     ad8h (20%)
# graid3 stop r0h  
Cannot destroy device r0h (error=16).


# graid3 unload  
Could not unload module: Device busy.

I can remove provider which are in rebuild state:

# graid3 remove -n2 r0h 
GEOM_RAID3: Device r0h: provider ad8h disconnected.
GEOM_RAID3: Device r0h: rebuilding provider ad8h stopped.

But this destroys rebuild state completely even when r3 device is read-only.

The same state for gmirror.

Any hints? Thanks in advance.

D.Marck                                     [DM5020, MCK-RIPE, DM3-RIPN]
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