Proposed 6.2 em RELEASE patch

Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Nov 20 04:54:42 UTC 2006

At 04:30 PM 11/13/2006, Scott Long wrote:
>Mike Tancsa wrote:
>>At 12:15 AM 11/13/2006, Scott Long wrote:
>>>Is this with EM_INTR_FAST enabled also?
>>Without it, the 2 streams are definitely lossy on the management interface
>>         ---Mike
>Ok, and would you be able to test the polling options as well?

Here are some more results.  I am still going through testing with 
firewall rules as well as testing with the size of the routing 
table.  Should get through that tomorrow.

Again, this is the same setup as described at

Note about platforms.  The HEAD w Patch is a patch 
glebius at asked me to test.  FastFWD is with 
net.inet.ip.fastforwarding on. Also with FastFWD set to one, I always 
used the kernel options ADAPTIVE_GIANT commented out and added 
NO_ADAPTIVE_MUTEXES.  INET6 was removed from all kernels as 
well.  With these kernel changes, and fast forwarding on, I was able 
to keep the box r2 responsive from the console as while blasting 
packets across its 2 interfaces.  Otherwise, the box seemingly 
livelocked.  For the linux kernel config, it was pretty well the 
default, except I removed INET6, IPSEC and disabled iptables. The 
LINUX kernel was on FC5.

The first test is with UDP netperf.
/usr/local/netperf/netperf -l 60 -H -i 10,2 -I 99,10 -t 
UDP_STREAM -- -m 10 -s 32768 -S 32768
/usr/local/netperf/netperf -l 60 -H -i 10,2 -I 99,10 -t 
UDP_STREAM -- -m 64 -s 32768 -S 32768
/usr/local/netperf/netperf -l 60 -H -i 10,2 -I 99,10 -t 
UDP_STREAM -- -m 128 -s 32768 -S 32768
/usr/local/netperf/netperf -l 60 -H -i 10,2 -I 99,10 -t 
UDP_STREAM -- -m 200 -s 32768 -S 32768

Not much difference

Platform                                         10      64     128     200
Linux 2.18.2 NAPI                             46.79  297.65  531.00  706.00
FreeBSD HEAD                                  46.75  297.82  530.70  728.01
RELENG6 i386                                  46.70  296.32  529.12  721.80
RELENG6 i386 FastFWD                          46.37  295.88  529.72  722.02
FreeBSD HEAD w Patch                          46.39  293.78  529.41  728.17
FreeBSD HEAD w Patch FastFWD                  46.52  295.71  529.81  718.32
AMD64 RELENG6 w FastFWD                       46.27  295.85  529.44  721.96

Next test was one box blasting packets across using netrate, as 
measured at the receiving end of the blast-- i.e. what made it 
through the 2 interfaces on R2.  I would sample the rate for 10 
seconds and then record the average.  The values were pretty tight 
with little variation.  LINUX was faster, but the difference is 
uninteresting between it and the top values for FreeBSD.

Straight Routing test One Stream             pps
Linux                                     581,309.81
FreeBSD HEAD                              441,559.50
RELENG6 i386                              407,403.00
RELENG6 i386 FastFWD                      557,589.25
FreeBSD HEAD w Patch                      422,294.13
FreeBSD HEAD w Patch FastFWD              567,290.00
AMD64 RELENG6 w FastFWD                   574,591.88
AMD64 RELENG6 polling                     285,917.13
AMD64 RELENG6 polling FastFWD             512,042.00
RELENG6 i386 polling FastFWD              558,603.00

The differences here between LINUX and FreeBSD were a bit more in this test.

Straight Routing test 2 streams opposite direction
Linux                                       473,814
FreeBSD HEAD                                204,043
RELENG6 i386                                165,461
RELENG6 i386 FastFWD                        368,967
FreeBSD HEAD w Patch                        127,832
FreeBSD HEAD w Patch FastFWD                346,220
AMD64 RELENG6 w Polling                     155,659
AMD64 RELENG6 w Polling FastFWD             231,541

More data to come....


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