6.2-RC1 /boot/loader | dhclient

Norbert Augenstein norbert at augenstein.net
Sun Nov 19 16:50:12 PST 2006

    Hi list,

    i just want to note that after updating to RC1 /boot/loader
    still refuses to boot with Grub. -> endless rebooting
    chainloading works though, fortunately. 
    dhclient shows a similar behavior to that Steve Franks reported
    Nov 13 on -CURRENT.
    After 20 min of inactivity the route gets flushed on my laptop,
    calling dhclient wi0 from the command line remedies the problem
    until it gets flushed again.
    isc-dhclient does not exhibit this behavior, the route never gets
    And btw, isc-dhclient seems to be started so early in the
    boot-process that its pidfile in /var/run gets deleted later
    during boot. I have not checked if this happens to dhclient as
    --> auge
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