adaptec utilities on amd64?

Tom Judge tom at
Fri Nov 17 12:18:57 PST 2006

Scott Long wrote:
> Vivek Khera wrote:
>> Some time long ago, someone posted a very short C program that probes 
>> the LSI controller and spits out this kind of output:
>> [root at d03]# amrstat
>> Drive 0:    34.18 GB, RAID1 <writeback,no-read-ahead,no-adaptative-io> 
>> optimal
>> Drive 1:   102.54 GB, RAID1 <writeback,no-read-ahead,no-adaptative-io> 
>> optimal
>> This is the kind of output I'd love to get from my adaptec 
>> controllers, too.  This can be trivially scripted and hooked into a 
>> monitoring system like nagios.
>> The aaccli tool is a curses based app (despite the "cli" in the name) 
>> and scripting it is damn near impossible.  It doesn't even read 
>> commands from stdin!
> Yes, scripting it is possible, and it does have a non-interactive mode.
> Try the following:
> printf "open aac0\ncontroller details\nexit\n" | aaccli

I have been trying to find a similar solution for aac controllers that 
will display the status of the volumes that the controller has 
configured (E.g. Optimal, Degraded, Failed etc...).  So far the only way 
I have found to do it is to store the output of:

printf "open aac0\ncontainer list\nexit\n" | aaccli

For a known good status and then periodiacly check the output of the 
above command with the same status.

Is there a better way to do this?


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