distcc problem (was: Firefox 2 and XFCE)

Iulian M eti at erata.net
Fri Nov 17 02:57:05 PST 2006

On Thursday 16 November 2006 22:57, VF wrote:
> cat /etc/make.conf
> # added by use.perl 2006-10-14 03:14:45
> PERL_VER=5.8.8
> CC=distccc

you redefine CC 2 lines below, and i guess its distcc not distccc

> CC=/usr/local/bin/distcc
>  setenv DISTCC_HOSTS=localhost
> and of course distcc well installed.
> When i start compilation in ports for exemple in /usr/ports distcc try
> to reacch but return an error :
> #cat /var/log/messages | grep distcc
> Nov 14 16:16:32 MOOMOO distccd[825]: (dcc_listen_by_addr) ERROR: bind of
> :::3632 failed: Address already in use

This means that the distccd (the daemon) its getting run and not distcc ( the 
compiler wrapper), and the daemon is trying to bind to port 3632 witch is 
already opened by another instance of distccd.  

My guess is that someware you have something like CC=distccd witch causes the 
daemon to be run on every CC invocation.

Hope it helps,

PS: what has the subject has to do with distcc ? :)

Best Regards,
Iulian Margarintescu (eti)
eti at erata.net
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