rc.subr modification: testing and feedback are welcome!

Ingo ingom-list at freenet.de
Wed Nov 15 10:25:45 PST 2006

Am 15.11.2006, 14:31 Uhr, schrieb Pietro Cerutti  
<pietro.cerutti at gmail.com>:

> Hello List,
> I did a patch to allow rc.conf DAEMON_enable values to be decided at  
> startup.
> 1) set apache_start="ask" in rc.conf
> 2) at boot, you'll be prompted with "RC_ASK - Enable apache? [yes|no] "
> 3) the daemon is started depending on the decision
> 4) the decision is stored until the next boot, so that rc.shutdown can
> decide whether to call stop for a particular daemon or not
> See:
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=105568
> for more information and to download the patch
> Thanx!


looks good (and works on my FBSD6.1), in general i like the idea but some  
more feature would be nice.

There should be an tiemout so that the system boots even if I forget to  
(for example if I want to connect to the system by remote, and sshd isn´t  
startet yet).
E.g. something like a global ASK_DELAY="sec" default set to 3sec or so,  
and adjustable by the variable.
(and maybe adjustable for every demon individual)
The DAEMON_enable variable should be set to ASK_DY to start after the  
default timeout and ASK_DN
to not start after the timeout.

It should also be possible to use the short form [y/n] while booting in  
addition to yes/no to start the deamon,
and when I misstype, the variable should be set to "no" so that there is  
no errormessage from the rc system.


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