sio driver sucks

Mike Tancsa mike at
Wed Nov 15 06:46:09 PST 2006

At 05:27 AM 11/14/2006, Spartak Radchenko wrote:

>>How do you switch it from sio to uart on RELENG_6 ?
>Build a new kernel with device uart, change sio to uart tn the
>/boot/device.hints file. Maybe rebuilding a kernel is not needed, I 
>never checked it.

         For me, sio on the motherboard generally has not been an 
issue. However, with serial PCI cards, I do see a lot of overflows 
and with a bit of cable plugging and unplugging, the box will live 
lock and need a reboot.

I noticed on current, if you compile both sio and uart in, sio will 
be used for the onboard devices, but uart for puc devices


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