adding an extra hard disk and adding space to /usr

martinko gamato at
Tue Nov 14 20:52:02 UTC 2006

Aaron Burke wrote:
>>>    (FreeBSD 4.x)  : cd /usr; tar clpf - . | (cd /mnt; tar xvf -)
>>>    (FreeBSD 5.x+) : cd /usr; gtar clpf - . | (cd /mnt; gtar xvf -)
>> iirc tar(1) has changed in 5.3.  why do you use gtar please? is new tar
>> missing something?
> Well, technically no, but it requires more typing.
> gtar supports the same flags that were present on FreeBSD up till 4.x
> (or as you say, perhaps as late as 5.3). However, the more typical tar
> now has a completly undesired effect. The main difference is how the
> 'l' flag is treated.
> excerpt from tar man page:
>      POSIX and GNU violently disagree about the meaning of the -l option.
>      Because of the potential for disaster if someone expects one behavior
> and
>      gets the other, the -l option is deliberately broken in this
> implementa-
>      tion.
> another excerpt from the tar man page. (FreeBSD 5.4-Release):
>      -l      If POSIXLY_CORRECT is specified in the environment, this is a
>              synonym for the --check-links option.  Otherwise, an error will
>              be displayed.  Users who desire behavior compatible with GNU
> tar
>              should use the --one-file-system option instead.
> excerpt from gtar man page (FreeBSD 5.4-Release):
>      -l
>      --one-file-system       Stay in local file system when creating an ar-
>                              chive (do not cross mount points).

Well, good news everyone :)
according to new GNU tar 1.16 announcement "-l" option has finally been
fixed to comply with POSIX:

"** Short option -l is now an alias of --check-links option, which complies
with UNIX98.  This ends the transition period started with version 1.14."



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