6.1 with PAE on a recent server (HP DL380 G5 or Dell PE 1950) ?

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Tue Nov 14 03:59:31 PST 2006

Olivier Mueller wrote:
 > Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
 > > And you absolutely have no option of running FreeBSD/amd64 on
 > > them?  What a PITA!  :-)
 > Ehm well, I must admit I never tried that, for a simple (and silly?)
 > reason: freebsd installation selects the i386 SMP kernel by default...
 > But of course if you (and Mike Jakubik) strongly suggest it would be a
 > good idea, why not, I will give a try asap :-)  Any special thing I
 > should take care of when switching from the i686 kernel to the amd64
 > one?

The easiest way is to re-install with an /amd64 ISO.

 > Will the systems be quicker this way,

When addressing more than 4 GB of physical RAM, a native
64bit system is certainly more efficient (hence quicker)
than the PAE kludge.

 > or will it "just" help with this 4GB memory limit?

Yes it will.  With /amd64, the address space is larger
than 4 GB.  With /i386, it is always limited to 4 GB,
no matter if you use PAE or not.  (Actually the address
space for user processes is even more limited:  4 GB
minus the kernel's address space.)

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