sio driver sucks

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Mon Nov 13 22:17:14 PST 2006

At 06:36 AM 11/13/2006, 
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>O. Hartmann ÐÉÛÅÔ:
>>Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
>>>Do you know an old sio driver is hardly usable?
>>>There are many silo overflows, working with a terminal device is a
>>>nightmare. There was a report about one crash with a message about a
>>>spinlock holed more than 5 seconds (there is no core dump because it has
>>>not repeated).
>>>After a discussion in a Russian FIDO group I've change it on uart and
>>>the problems gone.
>>>I think a default driver should be changed from sio to uart until it
>>>will be fixed.
>>Had those overflows many times when I used FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE,
>>6.1-STABLE and a modem.
>>But this never had a so bad influence forcing me into using uart.
>I had serious problems with sio on Intel STL2 
>motherboard and recent stable. Massive silo 
>overflows (modem was almost unusable) and at 
>least 1 sio-related panic (spinlock held for 
>more than 5 sec). Now I changed sio to uart ant 
>it works like a charm. All problems gone.

How do you switch it from sio to uart on RELENG_6 ?


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