6.1 with PAE on a recent server (HP DL380 G5 or Dell PE 1950) ?

Michael Vince mv at thebeastie.org
Mon Nov 13 20:44:54 PST 2006

Olivier Mueller wrote:

>I will soon get some new servers with more than 4 GB of RAM, and
>I am wondering if they will work fine even with the PAE
>option activated: are all the required drivers (RAID mfid, bce
>on the Dell, ciss0 on the HP) 100% compatible, or should I expect
>If you have a working "/usr/src/sys/i386/conf/xxxx" with active
>PAE on one of these servers, I'd be interested :)
>Btw, when will we see these new servers listed under:
>http://www.freebsd.org/platforms/amd64/motherboards.html ? 
>Or should I use send-pr ? :)
>Thanks & regards,
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I have one of these.
The ethernet device (bce) kept falling over on release as well as other 
stability problems (forget them all now)

I am running stable from September the 8th on it which appears to be a 
good time as it was before any new funkier ethernet device commits where 
a lot of people started complaining about em and bce timeout probs.

I posted a basic Ethernet speed of this machine a while back, 
92mbytes/sec is bad but its not as fast with my Dells with em devices on 
6.1 release.

Bce HP  to Em Dell
HPDL380# cat /dev/zero | dd bs=1m | nc dell2 3000
^C0+19648 records in
0+19648 records out
1287606272 bytes transferred in 13.926151 secs (92,459,594 bytes/sec)

I don't really like these machines at all compared to the Dells, mainly 
because the bios is very disappointing and even 'stupid' in my opinion.
Its important to note that in key areas its actually quite different 
from from the G4 and older generations, its hard to navigate/use and 
isn't as remotely useful compared to Dells bios, that said again is my 

They also skimp on a bunch of things that they know most people don't 
know about, like battery backed write cache in their controller cards, 
any of the mid to high end servers you see on the Dell web site specs 
list the battery backed controller card quite clearly.
So with a default setup of these HP's you don't get any write cache from 
the 256meg controller cache unless you want to go down a more dodgey 
road manually enable it and risk data loss if you loose sudden power.

I am also considering using PAE on it over its current AMD64 mode as I 
have special requirements.
I had to get one of these as we needed a machine fast which they did 
come through on.


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