Proposed 6.2 em RELEASE patch

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Nov 14 00:50:54 UTC 2006

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> At 12:50 PM 11/13/2006, Ivan Voras wrote:
>> Mike Tancsa wrote:
>> > At 12:15 AM 11/13/2006, Scott Long wrote:
>> >
>> >> Is this with EM_INTR_FAST enabled also?
>> >
>> > Yes.  Havent done the stock case yet, but will do so later today.
>> Do you have a comparison with Linux under the same circumstances?
> I had a disk with 64bit already installed. I will try with 32bit 
> tomorrow.  I can also try FreeBSD AMD64 on the box to see how it does.
> ifstat gives a bit of an odd output, but its the same sort of pattern 
> where adding a second stream in the same direction, slows down the first 
> one.  On the box R2
> The box is totally responsive throughout with no packet loss on the 
> management interface.... However, it seems quite a bit slower than 
> FreeBSD when its tweaked with ADAPTIVE_GIANT removed... But again, this 
> is 64bit so not quite apples to apples yet.  Also, I need to check the 
> default driver config to see if their NAPI or whatever its called is 
> enabled.  More tests to come.
>         ---Mike

More excellent data, thanks.  I have some changes on the drawing board
that should significantly improve forwarding and bridging in the em
driver.  Do you have a limit on how much more time you can spend on
these tests?  It might be a week or more before I have anything that can
be tested.


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