nvidia-driver-1.0.8776 was giving me READ_DMA timeouts

Indigo 23 indigo23 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 21:18:14 UTC 2006

> I upgraded my 6.1-STABLE box a week or so ago, and numerous ports at the same
> time.  For the last week, I've had all sorts of random reboots on a normally
> rock solid system.  Yesterday I noticed that whenever I was looking at a
> console, the machine was stable as usual, but when X was visible, the ATA
> drives would throw spurious READ_DMA timeouts.  I downgraded from
> nvidia-driver-1.0.8776 to .8774 and the problems have completely disappeared
> and the system is back to normal.
> I know it sounds silly and I can't explain it, but the most recent NVidia
> drivers made my system feel as stable as Windows ME on an overclocked Cyrix.
> I'm posting this here mainly for the benefit of anyone else who might be
> having similar problems.
> --
> Kirk Strauser

I also had similar problems with the latest nvidia drivers on FreeBSD
6.1-STABLE.  My box used to run rock solid, then after the update to
.8776, it started locking up under heavy loads when X was running.
Any idea if this is a known bug in the drivers (i.e. nvidia is aware
of the problem)?

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