adding an extra hard disk and adding space to /usr

Aaron Burke aburke at
Fri Nov 10 10:16:44 UTC 2006

> >    (FreeBSD 4.x)  : cd /usr; tar clpf - . | (cd /mnt; tar xvf -)
> >    (FreeBSD 5.x+) : cd /usr; gtar clpf - . | (cd /mnt; gtar xvf -)
> iirc tar(1) has changed in 5.3.  why do you use gtar please? is new tar
> missing something?
Well, technically no, but it requires more typing.

gtar supports the same flags that were present on FreeBSD up till 4.x
(or as you say, perhaps as late as 5.3). However, the more typical tar
now has a completly undesired effect. The main difference is how the
'l' flag is treated.

excerpt from tar man page:
     POSIX and GNU violently disagree about the meaning of the -l option.
     Because of the potential for disaster if someone expects one behavior
     gets the other, the -l option is deliberately broken in this

another excerpt from the tar man page. (FreeBSD 5.4-Release):
     -l      If POSIXLY_CORRECT is specified in the environment, this is a
             synonym for the --check-links option.  Otherwise, an error will
             be displayed.  Users who desire behavior compatible with GNU
             should use the --one-file-system option instead.

excerpt from gtar man page (FreeBSD 5.4-Release):
     --one-file-system       Stay in local file system when creating an ar-
                             chive (do not cross mount points).

> cheers,
> martin

-- Aaron Burke

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