Tom Samplonius tom at
Fri Nov 10 01:39:48 UTC 2006

> > I would upgrade to 5.5 first. 
>> Then it's up to you, but waiting for 6.3 is probably not a bad idea, 
>> before going further up the hill to 6.x. 
> Please don't top-post. 
> And I disagree. He should go straight to 6.2. If he's going to go to 
> the trouble of upgrading, he should go straight to the latest, most 
> stable release, which is (or shortly will be) 6.2. 

I agree. On a new server, go straight to 6.2. The only reason to go to 5.5, is if you must to a "make world" upgrade on an existing server. You'd want to avoid upgrade pain, when possible. Additionally, 6.x is the only release getting any improvement. 

6.2 seems to have particular issues with NICs right about now, as the timer code was changes and some of the drivers need some work. But it is not released yet either. 


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