Trouble: NFS via TCP

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Nov 9 19:15:31 UTC 2006

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > I've got a very weird problem with NFS mounts on a RELENG_6
 > > machine (a.k.a 6.2-PRERELEASE, sources synced yesterday,
 > > November 8th).  It's an HP Proliant DL360 G4 (G4p to be
 > > exact), but that shouldn't matter.  I've been banging my
 > > head on the table for several hours, but I can't find the
 > > source of the problem.  :-(
 > Is this machine using pf/pfil?  If so, are you using "scrub"
 > at all?  If so, don't.  :-)

PF is compiled in, but it's disabled and has no rules at all;
everything in pc.conf is commented out.

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