geli password prompt does not work

Jost Menke cyberlab at
Thu Nov 9 11:02:22 UTC 2006

On Sat Apr 29 18:42:32 UTC 2006, Martin wrote:

> Hmm. It does not help. But the behavior seems to be different.
> I noticed, now it's possible to enter a password. The problem
> is that it's not possible to enter it correctly. Something
> is still broken after applying the patch.

Is there any solution for this yet? I am experiencing similar problems with 6.2 BETA3 in a VMware session with encrypted root fs. When I boot with kbdmux enabled, I cannot enter anything. Turning it off changes the behavior, however only some keys seem to work at all, which makes it impossible to enter the correct passphrase.

Jost Menke
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