em driver testing

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Tue Nov 7 22:59:59 UTC 2006

Mike Jakubik wrote:
> Clayton Milos wrote:
>> Hi Jack
>> I patched the driver and re-compiled the kernel and userland.
>> All appears well with the em driver now. No more errors on it.
>> I am getting watchdog timeouts on the xl driver now though. It was 
>> happenning before at the same time as the em ones. Now I've passed a 
>> lot of traffic on the em interface but the xl interface gets watchdog 
>> errors. The em interface still works fine but the xl one is no usable 
>> after this.
> Has it not been established by someone that the problem is in freebsd 
> (scheduler iirc) and not the drivers themselves? This along with the 
> bge/bce wtachdog timeouts seems to confirm that.


If you have insight into the bce driver, I would highly appreciate if
you would share it.

Scott (the guy who fixed bce)

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