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Clayton Milos clay at milos.co.za
Mon Nov 6 23:14:32 UTC 2006

Hi there

I am having similar issues. Running 6.1-RELEASE.

I'm using the box as a samba server with pure-ftpd on it too with 2.5T of 
raid storage in it. the box is running the generic MP kernel on a Tyan 
Thunder K7 with the latest bios v2.14 and dual AthlonMP's. ECC Reg ram that 
passed all tests with memtest.

When I pull a few concurrent files over samba or if i pull a big file (say 
2-3G) over ftp to my laptop it runs at 30MB/sec but usually locks up the box 
with watchdog timeout on the em interface. Usually it pops up with timeouts 
on the xl interface at the same time and after a few seconds on the ahc 
(onboard adaptec scsi) interfce and I have to hard boot the box to get it 
back to life.

I''ve tried the same box with a 3com 3C996B-T NIC which has a Broadcom 
BCM5701TKHB chipset on it. It crashes within minutes with no traffic on the 
interface. In fact the interface will accept an IP address but times out 
pinging anything on the LAN.

If a kernel developer would like access to the box to chek it out please 
mail me.



> Hello!
> On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 04:55:50AM +0800, ke han wrote:
>> I have a Sun X4100 which uses Intel ethernet.  I would like to
>> install amd64 6.2beta3 on this server and put it through some tests.
>> But I have no idea what tests to run or how to run them.
>> Can someone provide some pointers?  I am happy to post my findings.
> Put some CPU load on the machine, e.g. by running
> cd /usr/src
> sh
> while true
> do
> make -j4 buildworld
> done >mk.log
> on one terminal and then transfer some data to the system, e.g.
> by fetch(1)ing via FTP from another box connected to the same
> LAN. On all systems I have, there is no need to saturate the
> Gbit-Link. 100 Mbit/s local connection will trigger the problem, too.
> If the problem exists on your system, you will see emN - watchdog timeout
> messages on the console and in /var/log/messages, followed by a
> reset of the interface and a short and recoverable, but complete,
> loss of connectivity. A couple of seconds, maybe. This is enough
> to frustrate people, who e.g. run large backup jobs over a single
> TCP connection that takes a couple of hours to complete - the interface
> reset aborts the backup :-/
> I must say that it seems to me, these guys are putting a hell of
> a lot of effort into this problem and "we" are making progress.
> Things look quite good to me for 6.2-RELEASE.
> HTH,
> Patrick
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