em driver testing

Bruce A. Mah bmah at freebsd.org
Mon Nov 6 21:35:42 UTC 2006

If memory serves me right, ke han wrote:
> According to the 6.2-beta3 announcemetn, there are improvements to  
> the em driver.
> "The most important of the things that have been worked on is the
> driver for em(4). "
> I have a Sun X4100 which uses Intel ethernet.  I would like to  
> install amd64 6.2beta3 on this server and put it through some tests.
> But I have no idea what tests to run or how to run them.
> Can someone provide some pointers?  I am happy to post my findings.

There were a number of problems in em(4) that appeared post-6.1.  A new
version of the em(4) driver was merged to the RELENG_6 branch just prior
to 6.2-BETA3.  That version is better, but still has some unresolved
issues (problems have been reported with jumbo frames and with watchdog
timeouts).  There's a new patch by jfv@ in an email a few days ago (with
subject "New em patch for 6.2 BETA 3") that might fix these problems.
It might be worthwhile to try this out.

Basically, just look around the archives of stable@ to see discussions
of the em driver over the past month or so.  I believe that a number of
prior problems were uncovered when people just tried to push a lot of
traffic through the interface.


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