problems with shutdown after dump on a large partition

Ulrich Spoerlein uspoerlein at
Sat Nov 4 14:45:00 UTC 2006

Anatoliy Dmytriyev wrote:
> I got problems with shutdown after dump with ???-L??? (with spashots) on a large partition:
> We have large partition with 872G on ???df ???H??? report. Exactly before shutdown the 
> ???dump ???Lau??? was finished without any problems. After dump finished I run command 
> ???shutdown ???h now??? and in the result shutdown was incorrect because disk sync was 
> terminated by timeout and fsck was run on the next boot.

I'm not entirely shure, but this looks like the snapshot generated by
"dump -L" was not yet cleaned up. You should wait a couple of minutes
(depending on the snapshot size and I/O turnover) before shutting down
the system or umounting the partition.

I don't know of a way to decide if the snapshot has been fully cleaned

Ulrich Spoerlein
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