Watchdog Timeout - bge device - 6.2-PRERELEASE

Arno J. Klaassen arno at
Fri Nov 3 14:53:23 UTC 2006

"John Marshall" <John.Marshall at> writes:

> rwsrv05> dmesg | grep bge
> bge0: <Broadcom BCM5705 A3, ASIC rev. 0x3003> mem 0xe8200000-0xe820ffff
> irq 17 at device 4.0 on pci4
> miibus1: <MII bus> on bge0
> bge0: Ethernet address: 00:0b:cd:e7:70:19
> bge0: link state changed to UP
> bge0: watchdog timeout -- resetting

I have a Tyan S2850 with the same (dual) LAN-chip; I increased
BGE_TIMEOUT to 500000 (due to reboot problems on a good-old
3com 100Mbps-hub which occasionaly gave me :

 bge1: firmware handshake timed out
 bge1: RX CPU self-diagnostics failed! )

This box occasionaly freezes under heavy load; with the above change
AND compiling in DEVICE_POLLING but not enabling it, I do not have
any problem for the time being (though the freeze is very hard to


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