[PATCH] Intel PRO/100 VE extra PCI ID

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Fri Nov 3 12:23:52 UTC 2006

At 05:03 AM 11/3/2006, Rink Springer wrote:
>Hi people,
>Recently, I installed FreeBSD on a Tyan GS14 barebone, which houses an
>bge(4) and a fxp(4). However, FreeBSD does not recognize the on-board
>fxp(4) NIC by default.
>All that was needed was just an extra PCI ID addition; the patch can be
>found at http://rink.nu/tmp/if_fxp.ve.diff. With this patch applies,
>pciconf -lv gives:
>fxp0 at pci10:8:0: class=0x020000 card=0x27dc8086 chip=0x10658086 rev=0x04
>     vendor   = 'Intel Corporation'
>     device   = '82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ PRO/100 VE Ethernet Controller'
>     class    = network
>     subclass = ethernet
>And the NIC works fine. Are there any objections to committing this?

There is another fxp ID as well


Jack Vogel was going to look at it, but I think he is pretty busy 
with the em issue and it would be nice to get this in prior to 6.2 as 
this board is becoming common in the retail channel (around here at least)


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