Dell 1955 Blade - Broadcom NIC not detected (BCM5708S)

Tuomo Latto djv at
Wed Nov 1 20:16:40 UTC 2006

Scott Long wrote:
>>How hard would it be to use the linux driver code base to add tthe
>>SerDes support to the FreeBSD driver? I am not a C programmer, but I
>>can copy and paste ;)
> FreeBSD has the MII and PHY blocks abstracted out into separate drivers,
> unlike linux.  It's not clear to me how this may or may not affect
> SerDes support.  However, it's rarely possible to cut-n-paste this kind
> of stuff from Linux due to how completely differently it is treated.

..and of course there's the thing about licensing, so that afterwards
you'd probably be managing your own GPL'd fork of FreeBSD...


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