dell pe1750 rebooting on 6.1 release (workaround)

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Wed May 31 05:27:40 PDT 2006


I have two Dell 1750's webservers which I upgraded from 5.4 stable to
6.1 release (i386). I did the make kernel/world and rebuild the apps
(mainly apache 1.3 and php 5) on one of them and upgraded the other
one via nfs.

The one I did the rebuild on, acquired a bad habit of just rebooting
after 2-3 days whereas the second one just kept going. When they ran
5.4 I had no such issues.

I once saw "bge resetting" in /var/log/messages so I added


to /boot/loader.conf but that didn't help. I then removed the line and added


which are settings I applied when the servers ran FreeBSD 5.1 through
5.4 (Scott Long's advise). Merging the three lines seems to help.


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