HylaFAX port not work but related to sendmail

David Nugent davidn at datalinktech.com.au
Mon May 29 17:16:44 PDT 2006

Paul.LKW wrote:
> Dear all:
> Recently I installed HylaFAX port on 6.1 and find that the fax 
> received (Fax
> is received in /var/hylafax/recvq and changed to tiff format) can not 
> sent
> to specified email user and find the error log below:
> May 30 04:08:56 office sendmail[624]: k4TK8t7A000620: to=ee-fax,
> delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=local, pri=30505, dsn=5.3.0,
> stat=unknown mailer error 1

Sendmail's configuration will be the problem. It isn't clear what you're 
trying to do here though so I can't make suggestions without seeing your 
.mc and knowing what your intention is (who is user ee-fax?). Sorry I 
haven't used any recent version of hylafax.


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