how can I tell if config-entry "device da0 at scbus0 target 0" is working?

Holger Kipp hk at
Mon May 29 09:39:42 PDT 2006


this might be a stupid question, but how can I 
find out whether a 4.11 kernel configuration with

  device          mpt0
  device          mpt1

  device          scbus0 at mpt0 bus 0
  device          scbus1 at mpt1 bus 0

  device da0 at scbus0 target 0
  device da1 at scbus0 target 1
  device da2 at scbus0 target 2 

  device da3 at scbus1 target 9 
  device da4 at scbus1 target 10 
  device da5 at scbus1 target 11 
  device da6 at scbus1 target 12 

is working correctly or not? For obvious reasons
I don't want to attach another drive to test this ;-)

Best regards,
Holger Kipp

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