6.1 troubles -- cannot "install buildworld"

John E Hein jhein at timing.com
Thu May 25 16:31:32 PDT 2006

Jacques wrote at 21:10 +0200 on May 24, 2006:
 > On an older i386 box (Pentium III), used as a workstation, we have been
 > running FreeBSD_4.x and 5.x for a long time without problems.
 > Now, using cvsup, we updated FreeBSD source from
 > 5.4p14 (default release=cvs tag=RELENG_5_4) to
 > 6.1 (default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6_1_0_RELEASE)
 > and updated the system according to the canonical method:
 > # cd /usr/src
 > # make buildworld
 > # make buildkernel
 > # make installkernel
 > # mergemaster -p
 > # shutdown
 > # cd /usr/src/
 > # make installworld
 > But that last step won't run. Output is:
 > --------------------------------------------------------------
 > >>> Installing everything
 > --------------------------------------------------------------
 > cd /usr/src; make -f Makefile.inc1 install
 > ===> share/info (install)
 > ===> include (install)
 > creating osreldate.h from newvers.sh
 > touch: not found
 > *** Error code 127
 > Stop in /usr/src/include.
 > *** Error code 1


osreldate.h should be created and up to date after buildworld.
You can check that and compare it to the sources shown in src/include/Makefile

osreldate.h:    ${.CURDIR}/../sys/conf/newvers.sh \
                ${.CURDIR}/../sys/sys/param.h \

Look to see if any of those sources are newer than the osreldate.h in
your obj tree.

You could just touch obj/usr/src/include/osreldate.h, but if that file
has an incorrect timestamp, there are chances that other files do,

The best solution would be to figure out why make thinks it needs to
rebuild osreldate.h, fix what caused that if need be, and re-run your

In addition to timestamp problems, I've also seen this when you
buildworld in one place, but installworld from somewhere else
(usually due to mount path differences).  Given the steps you
outlined, this is not your problem.


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