PXE boot images: 6.1 i386/amd64

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Thu May 25 06:59:57 PDT 2006

For those of you wishing to PXE boot 6.1 RELEASE I have made some boot
images that work easily with pxelinux (syslinux) PXE set-up.

They are around 30MB in size each and built from the -bootonly ISO images.

Note these simply boot the whole image, and don't use the pxeboot binary.

In fact I've test booted both on an LGA775 3.0GHz EM64T box and they both
boot fine.

Download and a quick pxelinux set-up howto:


I'm sure I'll have some feedback if they don't work, but I'd like to
hear from anyone using them successfully too. :)


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