internal compiler error: segmentation fault: 11

[LoN]Kamikaze LoN_Kamikaze at
Wed May 24 00:42:07 PDT 2006

Dave wrote:
> Hello,
>    I'm trying to compile 6.0-stable on a release box, prior to upgrade.
> I've tried several times and all end with an internal compiler error:
> segmentation fault: 11. And then i'm told to submit a bug report. My
> problem is when this occurs it's not always at the same spot or the same
> file. One time it even core dumped, though only once.
>    At this point i would appreciate any suggestions, i'm hoping this is
> not the indicator of a problem.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

I'd say in most cases it means that either your memory or your CPU get
too hot. Open the case of your machine. If the problem disappears or at
least appears less often, consider better cooling for your computer.

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