PostgreSQL uses more memory on 6.1?

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Tue May 23 13:58:54 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 23 May 2006 15:37, Marshall Pierce wrote:

> You need to adjust the shared memory segments allowed by the kernel; see
> /usr/ports/databases/postgresql<your-version>-server/pkg-message-server
> for what to add to your kernel config. Most likely, you forgot to move
> over your kernel customizations to your new kernel...?  

Nope, I took care of that:





Furthermore, neither of those files (or even my kernel config file) changed 
between the previous reboot and the one that installed 6.1.  At any rate, 
the kern.ipc.shmmax is much, much greater than the 64MB that I'd been using 
before for shared_buffers (8192 buffers * 8 KB/buffer).
Kirk Strauser

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