quota and snapshots in 6.1-RELEASE

Mark Kane mark at mkproductions.org
Tue May 23 13:18:41 PDT 2006

Mike Jakubik wrote:
> Rong-en Fan wrote:
>> On 5/23/06, Dmitriy Kirhlarov <dimma at higis.ru> wrote:
>>> Hi, list.
>>> Some time ago quota and, AFAIR, snapshots in 6.1-RELEASE has deadlock
>>> problems. What the current situation with this? I'm ready to test
>>> patches, if needed.
>>> WBR
>> IIRC, there are some quota and snapshots changes merged in
>> 6.1-STABLE after 6.1-RELEASE is releases. So I think you may want
>> to try that.
> Thats correct. I have been meaning to test these, but not had the time 
> to do so yet. If you can, update to -STABLE and give it a test.

I had a motherboard die in a server on Sunday. It is running FreeBSD 
5.4-RELEASE and the only hardware they had to replace it with was an 
Athlon64 CPU and a motherboard with an ATI chipset. With that board and 
5.4, it will only boot in Safe Mode, but then the hard drives are 
running at very slow speeds. It completely locked up earlier today and 
they had to do a hard reboot (with no errors on the screen or in 
/var/log/messages). My plan was to have them fully upgrade the server 
tonight to a new box (with the same Athlon64 and mobo with ATI chipset 
since that's all they have), and do a fresh install of 6.1-RELEASE 
because a very similar board with the same chipset was reported to work 
in 6.0.

Every machine I have or work on runs FreeBSD, but this is the only one 
that needs quotas because it runs cPanel for customers. I am not sure 
all the details about the problems with quotas, so will running 
6.1-RELEASE with quotas cause problems for sure? If so, any suggestions 
on what to do given my situation? Would 6.0 be any better? I'd like to 
have the latest version because doing updates properly remotely is 
difficult, but if it is not going to work then I may have to use 6.0 if 
that will work or figure something else out hardware wise.



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