FreeBSD Security Survey

Frank Steinborn steinex at
Tue May 23 04:57:30 PDT 2006

Chris H. wrote:
> This brings up a point I have been wanting to bring up for over a mos.;
> I adopted an "orphaned" port (contacted the owner, whom then relenquished
> ownership to me.). But found it _more_ than difficult to discover how
> to inform the fBSD port(s) system of it's new, *un*orphaned status.
> I read through the online doc's about it. But got dizzy with the
> circularness of it. Searching led to no _difinative_ answer(s) either.
> Is it still send pr just to update it's status? Couldn't there be an
> online form to change ownership/ stewardship? I *can* comprehend the
> send pr system. I simply can't understand how to change/ update
> ownership/ stewardship. Perhaps this is why so many of the orphaned
> ports remain in this state.

Open a PR and simply set MAINTAINER to your own address. Use category
'ports' and and class 'change-request'.


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