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On Mon, 22 May 2006 12:43:47 +0200
Marian Hettwer <MH at> wrote:

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> Hi Ion,
> Ion-Mihai IOnut Tetcu wrote:
> >>I have to agree on that statement. I would love to see branched ports.
> >>This can get very important on servers, were you don't want to have
> >>major upgrades, but only security updates.
> >>I guess it's a question of manpower, hm?
> > 
> > 
> > With the maintainers/commiters/physical_resources we have now this is
> > impossible.
> That's what I guessed...

And it's not only HR lack problem, we would need more hardware for the
package building cluster too.
> > Take a look at pav@'s PR stats page:
> > There are ~1000 new ports PRs per month. The PT Team has managed to
> > close about the same number per month (fewer during the freeze, of
> > course).
> > Currently there are 551 open PRs. 238 in feedback state, etc.
> I see...
> > 
> >>Would a survey help? As in ask the ports team and FreeBSD
> >>administrators? Maybe some will start to become port maintainer too,
> >>just to support the increased work on ports due to branching them...
> >>I would :)

IMO this could work  only with some funding from interested companies.
Maybe that could be an idea for a survey.

> > There are ~4300 unmaintained ports. Maybe you could start maintaining
> > some of them _now_ ?
> > 
> I'll have a look into my ports tree. Let me guess, ports which are have
> the maintainer ports at are unmaintained?

Yup. Just ' cd /usr/ports/ ; make search key=ports at '

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