6.1 stability (Re: 4.11 snapshots?)

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Sun May 21 23:55:28 PDT 2006

At 08:09 PM 5/21/2006, Kris Kennaway wrote:

>We did ourselves a big disservice by not pointing out clearly in the
>todo list that most of the listed problems are VERY RARE and are
>unlikely to affect most/all users.  In future we're going to have to
>be clearer about that, because you're not the only user who was scared
>for no reason.
>We really had to push FreeBSD hard to find those problems;

The servers I build are pushed really hard.

>6.1 stands
>up to enormous test loads that all previous tested releases could not
>handle.  I wouldn't be surprised if 4.x cannot handle the same
>workloads, simply because no-one may have ever attempted such loads on
>a 4.x system.
>P.S. If you're willing to put some effort into analyzing and profiling
>it, I'd be willing to work with you on your performance problem.

You sound like one of those e-mails I keep getting offering to help
me with my, er, performance problems. ;-)

Seriously: The problem is that in my tests 6.x does not surpass Linux in
performance, while 4.11 does.

--Brett Glass

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