ipw(4) breaking under load

Patrick Lamaizière patfbsds at davenulle.org
Fri May 19 11:11:08 PDT 2006

Le Vendredi 19 Mai 2006 18:27, Ulrich Spoerlein a écrit :

> Hi guys,


> is it just me, or is no one actually using ipw(4) under 6.1? Anyway, I
> set up a FreeBSD based AP using an ural(4) device. I'm connecting to it
> via laptop and ipw(4). This works fine, as long as you don't push it.
> Transferring some files via NFS gives me a lousy 100kB/s transfer rate,
> which quickly stalls and the connection wedges. Syslog reports:
> May 19 17:29:48 roadrunner kernel: ipw0: fatal error

I've got this error with the iwi driver too (Intel 2200 BG). But not often 
(one or two times a week). It seems not related to the network load for me.

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