Radeon r300, unknown hardware 5460 assuming generic message, xorg logout=reboot

Eprha Carvajal malikdj at hotmail.com
Thu May 18 08:21:35 PDT 2006

yesterday i updated my source tree with the latest changes including the 
commit for the radeon drivers on 05/17/2006 for RELENG_6, i was more that 
happy to see i finally have dri working in my laptop, the Xorg was hanging 
while starting previous to this update but now was working and showing 
direct rendering : yes in the glxinfo output, everything was smoth until i 
did a logout for xorg, at the moment the machine restarted.

Here are the things i notice:
1.- the dmesg out is not showing the memory size for my card, ATI RADEON 
2.- the Xorg.0.log show between 12 and 15 calls to RadeonLoadPallete(), that 
is the last thing in the file.
3.- this only happends with dri enable, i tried without dri and everything 

i will provide more information once i have my laptop available, working 
right now.

if you need any help testing this hardware please let me know i will be more 
than happy to help.


Eprha Carvajal

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