Mounting SMB filesystems at boot time

Pete French petefrench at
Thu May 18 05:18:53 PDT 2006

Have just changed a machine from 4.11 to 6.1 by re-installing. It all
works fine, but I cannot work out how to make the SMB filesystems in fstab
mount at boot time.

I used to do this by copying /usr/src/contrib/smbfs/examples/
to one of the rc directories, but this script does not seem to exist under
6.1. Some googling lead me to comments that adding the line


to rc.conf would do the trick, but that doesnt work either.

When the system is mounted I can just type 'mount -a' and they all
mount fine though! I suppsoe I could copy the 4.11 script over, but I
am sthere must be a "correct" way to do this under 6.1. ? The man page
simply says to add the lines to fstab.


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