RAID rebuild problem

David Nugent davidn at
Wed May 17 16:53:18 PDT 2006

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> and rebuilt the array..
> sudo atacontrol rebuild ar0
> However the status stayed at 0%.

On the rare occasion I've needed to do so, since 5.1 days, the 
atacontrol rebuild stays at 0%, last I tried this was on 6.1-PREPRELEASE 
~mid February.

The first time I gave up waiting after 2 days, now I'm not prepared to 
be so patient and won't bother until I hear it has been fixed.  Instead 
I boot from a liveCD, delete the raid, dd copy the "good" disk to the 
degraded disk(s), redefine the raid, reboot.  That still takes some 
hours to complete depending on the size/speed of the disks, but that at 
least works to get the raid back up. Since hotswap isn't currently 
supported the requirement to boot into single user isn't a severe 
limitation, but the downtime should be unnecessary.

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